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Ola is another one of those chiseled, vaguely metrosexual-looking blonde boys that Sweden does so well. If you watch a lot of Clubland TV you might recall his single ‘All Over The World‘ which looked like it might be a UK hit for a few minutes but then… wasn’t. He’s had six number one singles in Sweden since 2006, and it’s rumoured that he was originally offered Loreen’s Euphoria but turned it down – the fool.

His latest international release is a very good pop song with a very bad video. Like, jaw-droppingly bad. Not the “shot on a shoestring with two extras and some straight-out-of-1996¬†green-screen” kind of bad you often get with Europop releases. This video probably took quite a lot of time and effort, and is packed full of ideas – all of which are spectacularly terrible in both conception and delivery. I think…¬†think… it’s some kind of torture porn pastiche in which our peroxide hero is forced to eat his own heart, dies and then goes on a surrealist journey to the afterlife. Maybe. Anyway take a look for yourself, it is quite something.

Still, there’s something to be said for failing interestingly, and the song is one of those infectious Europop earworms that you’ll probably not think much of on first listen, only to find yourself relentlessly humming it for days afterwards. I don’t think it’ll trouble the hit parade – it’s harder than your usual Scandipop track, but probably still too European to get Radio 1 and Capital on board. However, I like seeing songs like this getting a chance to shine, even if only briefly. Seriously though Ola, next time just get yourself some pretty girls and a nice easy-to-mimic dance routine. Hostel as directed by David Lynch may sound exciting on paper, but it’s just not the Swedish way…


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