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I tend to spend a lot of time thinking reminiscing about random old pop songs and thinking that I’d quite like to write something about them. However, more often than not I can’t think of a good enough reason to talk about them, so I don’t bother. To combat this tragic lack of nostalgic wittering, I’ve decided to create an occasional series in which I shamelessly make the case for an old pop song for no better reason than the fact that it’s popped into my head on that particular day.

To launch this exciting series I bring you Let A Boy Cry, a #11 hit from 1997 and the followup to her more famous hit Freed From Desire. The mid 90s were something of a landfill for continental divas scoring one-and-a-half big hits before disappearing forever, but Italian Gala stood out for her combination of flat, stern vocals and philosophical lyrics.

They say silver
I choose gold
I’m not afraid to be alone
Someone will judge his gentle soul
Let a boy cry and he will know

I have no idea what it all means, but it has a beguiling, understated charm that has stayed with me. The backing track is, as is so often the case with these things, pretty much a carbon copy of Freed From Desire, but still, this was far more interesting than, say, Old Pop In An Oak.

Gala, wherever you and your trombolise/strong beliefs/trampoline are now, I salute you.


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