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Blue prepare for EurovisionHaving spent the past month ranting to anyone who would listen that Blue are actually a very creditable choice to represent us at the Eurovision Song Contest, I must admit that an element of doubt was beginning to creep in. What if, after my slightly manic defensiveness of a group I hadn’t even particularly liked at their peak, their entry turned out to be yet another momumental disappointment?

The song finally premiered online today and I thankfully it’s pretty much what I was hoping for. ‘I Can’ is a contemporary electro-pop mid-tempo with a chorus that wouldn’t sound particularly out of place as the hook to a Tinie Tempah or JLS record.

Is it the best song I’ve heard all year? No. Is it my favourite song for Eurovision 2011 announced so far? Not in a contest set to feature Hungary’s fabulous Wolf Kati! It has a few flaws – hackneyed lyrics, the obligatory Lee Ryan constipated wailing over the final minute or so, and the end is a bit of a damp squib (All non-ballad Eurovision songs must finish on an uplifting crash for maximum onstage air-punch potential. This is Eurovision 101, people!) all of which prevent me from truly wetting my pants over it.

But, and this is crucial, it actually sounds like we’re making an effort. With a good performance, I think it has a strong chance at doing well, and it could concievably be a big chart hit. These are not things you could have said about last year’s Josh Dubovie. Or indeed any entry we’ve sent in the past nine years. Jade Ewen gave us a good result in 2009, but her song was too dated and musical theatre-esque to make any significant chart impact afterwards.

Godspeed to Dusseldorf boys. Your country, and indeed my reputation, needs you!


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